Home Insurance

    Householders Insurance or Home insurance:

  • Home insurance is important as it provides a package of wholesome insurance protection for your house. It protects the building structure of your house, your personal property, valuable possessions within the house and takes care of your personal liability as well. In fact, householders’ insurance is offered as a comprehensive policy with multiple insurance covers under a single policy, The coverage offered varies from one insurer to another, one plan to another and there can be a wide choice of sections/plans to choose from, Options are also available to choose Sum Insured limits against each Sub-Section/coverage offered under the policy, Some of the insurance companies also offer package discount for opting for more number of sections under the policy
  • Scope of Cover and Benefits under Home insurance: The following coverage generally form part of the most of the comprehensive householder’s insurance policies offered in the general insurance market
  • Insurance cover against Fire and allied perils (viz. Flood, cyclone, inundation etc.) for the House and its contents belonging to the proposer and his/her family members permanently residing with him/her.
  • Damage of building and damage or loss of household contents due to burglary, robbery etc;
  • All risks insurance for the jewellery and other valuable items such as cameras etc, against loss/damage by accident or misfortune while kept, worn or being carried anywhere in India
  • Damage to the household electrical and mechanical appliances such as Television, refrigerator, microwave oven, wet grinder, personal computer etc., to name a few against loss of use due to sudden electrical/ mechanical breakdown
  • Bicycle insurance covering loss or damage to the pedal cycle
  • Personal Accident insurance for the insured and family members;
  • Baggage insurance which can provide protection against loss of baggage during travel etc,
  • A number of other optional covers, such as coverage for earthquake, terrorism etc


  • fi Wear fi tear: Normal damages caused due to regular wear and tear of the property.
  • Loss of money /va1uab1es due to carelessness, negligence, theft by members of family, shortage of money due to errors and omissions etc
  • War and nuclear risks etc